Ashia Monet is a speculative fiction writer who enjoys creating diverse, inclusive narratives, primarily focusing on urban fantasy and science fiction with strong themes of friendship and personal development.

Her main project is a work in progress, known by its work in progress title, GuardiansWIP, which can be found on Twitter under the hashtag #guardiansWIP. The first book was chosen as a Pitch Wars 2016 novel.

As a college student and psychology major, when she’s not writing, she’s probably freaking out over an exam. If not, she can often be found sketching, listening to one of her many playlists, or rewatching Spirited Away for the 10th time. She loves pink, the rain, and words that sound like they should be pastel colored (like “dew” and “tapioca”).

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TICKET TO THE STARS is a published a short story in the MOMENTUM anthology, edited by Gabriela Martins. April 2018. #1 Bestseller in Imported YA on Amazon Brazil and #1 Bestseller in Imported Contemporary on Amazon Brazil.

A young-adult urban fantasy with the work-in-progress title of “GuardiansWIP” is a potential series following seven teenage magicians as they road-trip across a modern America transformed by magic. It includes coming-of-age themes, humor, and a diverse ensemble cast. More details can be found here.

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SPIRITED AWAY meets PAPER TOWNS, GuardiansWIP begins with a road trip across America to find a Blythe Fulton’s kidnapped family during the midst of a magical, underground war.

The series follows the Guardians–seven teenagers with immense magical power as they discover the difference between who they are meant to be and who they wish to become.

This series embraces traditional fantasy tropes but reimagines them in a modern, socially-conscious context. It is a YA urban fantasy told through the eyes of seven queer, POC, generation Z teens and chronicles their experiences as they fight for their right to do more than simply survive.

GuardiansWIP can also be found on Twitter, under the hashtag #guardiansWIP.


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